Thursday, March 27, 2008

Diesel's 80s Playground Sneakers in Yelle's ACDG

MUST buy!

Spanning six months of a designer's life, with true backstage and industry stories, Imogen Edwards-Jones’ novel is the result of a collaboration with various internationally renowned and A-line fashion insiders tagged Anonymous. You will read this book from start to finish and want more. From London to coke to Kate Moss to Top Shop to Tom Ford to New York to Madonna to Gucci to New York, this book gives the answer to all the right questions: Who decides what is in and what is out? Why is it purple this season? Why is this little black dress worth three thousand dollars more than this one? Is the catwalk really that catty? Is everyone high on coke, marijuana and full of champagne? What makes a supermodel super? A designer too hot to touch? Who is making the money? Who owns who? Who hates who? And who's got who in their pocket?
Comparatively, The Devil Wears Prada is soooo last season.

Dsquared sunglasses

Canadian designers Dan and Dean Caten have teamed up with the Marcolin group to launch the first-ever line of Dsquared-branded prescription frames and sunglasses. The group is said to expect a minimum 20 million Euros turnover from the deal. With DSQUARED2 explosive energy and sex appeal the resulting product line will be innovative with a strong attention to detail. The first pairs will not hit the stores until 2009 but be sure to look for them in the duo’s next Spring/Summer men’s collections. Think of how hot the macho models already look, now add sunglasses….gulp.

Swarovski does cosmetics

The world’s most renowned jeweller has signed a deal with Clarins group, though Thierry Mugler perfumes, to launch Swarovski Beauty – a line of cosmetics and beauty accessories. The partnership is expected to get its product line out on shelves in 2010. Diamond-studded eyeliner anyone?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tokyo Autumn/Winter 2008 Highlight: Monotari One

It was a first participation that swept Tokyo off its feet. In a globalized vision of French flare and British structural rigour, Motonari Ono set the tone for his eponymous label on the opening night of Tokyo Fashion week. Inspired by Japanese video games – notably Final Fantasy – and traditional European clothing, Motonari Ono plays with structure, layering and shape like a young Dior-tamed Japanese Galliano. Combining ruffles, pleats, fringes and patchwork in a demure beige, black and white color palette, every garment is shaped to such precision that you could admire its silhouette alone. The structural skirts constitute with no doubt the element that ties the whole collection together taming Ono’s shapes into a unified Tokyo Glam rock look. Not only are his garments original but they are also wearable – not in the way in which fashion critics usually use that word to lessen a collection, but in its true sense: the Ono woman is a real woman so It she belongs to the fantasy world. As for Motonari Ono himself, his fame is no longer fantasy. The French Vogue already showcased looks from his collection in their Best of Tokyo feature…and if the French like it, so will everybody else.